This process is capable of applying a wide range of materials such as tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, colbalts (stellite), inconel and many others.

Plasma Spray

Plasma is used to apply ceramic and abradable coatings such as chrome oxide, titanium oxide, aluminum oxide and thermal barrier coatings. It provides extreme corrosion resistance.

Spray & Fuse

There are several coating alloys available for this process: nickel-based coatings, colmonoy, stellite and tungsten carbide etc. This coating is fully dense without porosity with excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

Electroless Nickel Coating

This is a catalytic chemical coating process that has excellent corrosion resistance for both wet and high temperature oxidation.

Hard Chrome

This process is low friction coefficient for a given surface finish. It withstands highly corrosive environments and is excellent for seal areas and restoring dimensions.

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